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Fresh, Old Suggestions for Design Professionals

Having been comfortably — and uncomfortably, a few times — on both sides of a professional-client relationship for most of my adult life, I’d like to share a few observations about approaches I’ve found to be useful in creating an optimal connection. It mostly boils down to common sense and courtesy, but these often seem […]

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Some Branding Tips

It’s clear that branding is one of the most important steps you, as a business, will pursue.  You don’t have to be large company or organization to need it.  With so much discussion, so many web sites, periodicals, and reference materials available, it’s obviously a hot topic.  So, exactly what is branding? In a few […]

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Seven thoughtful tips for newbie design freelancers

If you’re starting your own freelance business in graphic design or aspire to become a designer, there is a world of opportunity that awaits you. If you’re talented, have some experience (the more, the better, of course), and have the tools of the trade, you’re all set, right? Well, let’s just say it’s a start. […]

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Working with a Graphic Designer

Here are some important things to consider in choosing to work with a graphic designer.   Look at their portfolio to see if you like their style, direction, and flexibility. Size them up. Do you know anyone who has dealt with this individual or firm?  If so, find out what their experience have been like.  […]

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Sense and Sensible Slogans

After glancing through this week’s sales circulars, I’ve begun to wonder about the many lame, meaningless platitudes that companies use as a poor excuse for a slogan or tagline. These include gems like Co-Op’s “My Co-Op. My community. It’s where I belong.”, Walmart’s “Save money. Live better.”, and Pharmasave’s “Live well. Enjoy life.” I’ve pondered […]

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